Self Employment Program


Since 1995 Learning Initiative has led the way in small business development in the province of Ontario with its high quality innovative delivery of government funded self employment programs. To date we have assisted with the successful launch of over 900 businesses in the Sudbury Region.

Key to our high success rate is our practical and holistic approach to the education and counselling of the small business owner, and our focus on building community. In these two things we are unlike most other self-employment brokers and delivery agents.

Our business education programs are both theoretical and highly practical in nature and are customized to meet the particular needs of each business owner and business. We provide support and guidance to assess a proposed business idea and to develop a business plan.  We also offer on-going training and individual consulting to meet the needs of the business and the business owner while in one of our programs.

Entrepreneurship, which drives the creation of micro and small businesses is at the core of innovation, job creation and economic stimulus. Canada and Ontario need people like you who want to do something, or who are already doing something, different than the 9-5 job. Self employment can be a great way for people to make a living or to supplement their finances. It can be a wonderful choice for those of us who struggle with  staying in the same job, year after year, who don't see ourselves in a regular career...or who can't quite find our way into one.

EnterpRiseing Youth Program

Not accepting applications at this time.

This is an 8 week hybrid online-in class business development course for people under 30.

RISE - Small Business Lending Program

Do you want to start your own part time or full time business?  Do you have an existing business that you want to take to the next level?  Or are you at the stage where you have an idea but need help exploring it and maybe fleshing it out?  Perhaps a loan to help with start up costs or expansion costs can help you to move your entrepreneurial dream forward.  This is where Learning Initiative and the RISE Small Business Lending Program can come in.  Not only can we help you with a loan, but we can help you fine-tune your business plan, and offer you coaching and mentorship to help you grow.

The lending program comes in 3 sizes: 1) Up to $10,000  2) up to $2500 and 3) a loan for a specific event that you want to participate in.

If you are or will be operating in Northern Ontario, contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your business or business idea.  705-673-8943

You can also apply online by going to the RISE website:, scroll down and click on Find Out Which Rise Program Is Right For You, and then click Apply.





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    Our Staff

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    Dave Bimm, North Star Recreation
    LI Graduate 2005

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    Yoshi Kurogi, Café Petit Gateau
    LI Graduate 2012

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    Gilbert Roy, French River Springs
    LI Graduate 2003

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    Denis Gratton, Ten Point Archery
    LI Graduate 2011

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    Sheri Tomchick
    Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions
    LI Graduate 2011

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    Sheri Tomchick
    Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions
    LI Graduate 2011