Trainer-Facilitator Development

Are you a workshop facilitator, trainer, educator, presenter, instructor, tutor, coach, staff developer or leader?

If so, whether you consider yourself one or not, you are a teacher. And your effectiveness in all of these roles is enhanced by your ability to teach. Chances are, though, that you have not had formal training as a teacher, or if you have, it was some time ago.

We have found that people who choose to take on these roles become even more effective in their work, and feel even more confident about it, after participating in our professional development course, Teachers Teaching Teachers.

We invite you to get ready for a new start this fall with some top quality professional development designed with you in mind.

Teachers Teaching Teachers is an introductory five-day intensive professional development course designed for people who are “teachers” in the workplace, are interested in continuous improvement, and want to become better at what they do. Our goal is to help these people achieve their goals by giving them the benefit of some professional teacher training.


Our curriculum covers:

  1. how people take in and learn new information
  2. what gets in the way of learning and what you can do about it
  3. effective preparation of your material and methods of delivery
  4. the engagement of your audience, or learners, with a focus on group contexts

You will experience firsthand the concepts being taught, as you will be engaged in the role of learner. But at the same time you will also be engaged in the role of observer, and reflection and discussion with other professionals about your experiences will constitute an important element of your learning. As well, you will have an opportunity to practice what you are learning with your classmates and to receive constructive feedback.

Registration Information

We are currently inviting people to let us know if they are interested in our next offering of Teachers Teaching Teachers.  Once we have enough interested people, we will schedule the next session. There will be 5 class days scheduled, from 9am – 4pm on a Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Location: 124 Cedar Street, Fourth Floor, Sudbury, ON

Cost: $900 plus HST A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your seat. Payment plans can be arranged.

For more information, or to register, contact Learning Initiative. 705.673.8943

Further professional development is offered through one day sessions scheduled periodically over the course of the year. The 5 day Teachers Teaching Teachers is a prerequisite for enrolling in any of these other sessions.

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    Our Staff

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    Dave Bimm, North Star Recreation
    LI Graduate 2005

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    Yoshi Kurogi, Café Petit Gateau
    LI Graduate 2012

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    Gilbert Roy, French River Springs
    LI Graduate 2003

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    Denis Gratton, Ten Point Archery
    LI Graduate 2011

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    Sheri Tomchick
    Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions
    LI Graduate 2011

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    Sheri Tomchick
    Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions
    LI Graduate 2011