The People

The people from our Learning Initiative community are now our greatest resource both at Learning Initiative and at the Self Development Centre.  Drawing on our community of LI alumni and professional associates we have created a team of teachers, consultants, professional advisors and mentors who are dedicated to offering the best possible service to our clients at all times.  This team has been gradually formed over the past nineteen years and, while it continues to expand, has at this point evolved into a powerful and cohesive group of committed professionals who work together to develop and refine the programs and services delivered by Learning Initiative and by the Self Development Centre.

Director of Programs
As an accredited Ontario teacher, Anne has honed her teaching skills at such prestigious schools as The National Ballet School in Toronto as well as in other very skill specific positions within the Toronto and Lincoln County Boards of Education and the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto.
Education Programs Manager
Rhonda's life-long interest in people and what makes them tick, along with her positive approach and love of laughter, means she is a great fit for this dynamic team.
Darren has taught things to Police and Soldiers and he has taught things to street kids. He has taught seniors and children about how to feel better or to be better. He has taught health professionals about how to get along as well as new entrepreneurs about how to be successful.
Aaron became part of the Learning Initiative community in 1999, when he launched his first business Dot Com Deliveries. Aaron credits the success of that business to the program, staff and expertise of Learning Initiative.
David Rollins was the owner and principal creative force behind Rollins Photography from the spring of 2008 to 2014. David launched his business as part of Group 40 at Learning Initiative.
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    Our Staff

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    Dave Bimm, North Star Recreation
    LI Graduate 2005

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    Yoshi Kurogi, Café Petit Gateau
    LI Graduate 2012

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    Gilbert Roy, French River Springs
    LI Graduate 2003

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    Denis Gratton, Ten Point Archery
    LI Graduate 2011

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    Sheri Tomchick
    Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions
    LI Graduate 2011

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    Sheri Tomchick
    Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions
    LI Graduate 2011