Releasing Your Power
A personal growth series designed to help people develop more creativity, resilience, communication, power etc. so they can better realize their full potential at work, at home and in their personal lives.
Courses Offered
  • Business Dialogue - $25.00 + HST
    Many business owners have confided to us that one of the greatest challenges they face is overcoming the sense of isolation that often accompanies ...(see more)
  • Someone once said, "Work would be great if it weren't for the people." Are you finding that people in your life are difficult to deal with? ...(see more)
  • Do you have trouble speaking up? When interacting with some people, do you feel like a doormat? Perhaps you have difficulty stating your price ...(see more)
  • Developing Resilience - $175.00 + HST
    Quality of life is greatly enhanced when you are able to cope with the many demands on your time and when you can bounce back from setbacks ...(see more)
  • Hero's Adventure Part 1 - $225.00 + HST
    The Hero’s Adventure is a transformative personal growth course. Through it we offer you our distilled and combined wisdom, gleaned from other students in this field and from our own experience and intelligence, about a way to live. The task, should you choose to accept it, is nothing short of an honest examination of yourself and the way you are living, a recognition of the conditioning that has shaped you and an adoption of a practice of conscious awareness and an opening and responsiveness to the calling of life. You will explore the possibilities for expansion of the self through this 4 part course as you are inspired, educated, enlightened and affirmed. In order for everyone to have opportunities to share we will only be accepting up to 10 participants for this course. ...(see more)
  • Listening Skills - $55.00 + HST
    We can learn a lot by listening to others. Successful business owners know how important it is to actively listen to their customers. This ...(see more)
  • Maintaining Motivation - $55.00 + HST
    Mo Speigel of Celestial Seasonings, Inc. compares the experience of the business owner to that of riding a roller coaster. One day you're at ...(see more)
  • Negotiation Skills - $120.00 + HST
    As business owners you have many things to negotiate...prices with suppliers, prices to customers, rental agreements, deadlines, advertising ...(see more)
  • Personal Safety - $60.00 + HST
    Business people sometimes find themselves having clients in their workspace or find themselves in clients homes or workspaces. How can they ...(see more)
  • This course is essential for anyone who values interpersonal skills or who wants to become more self aware. It is strongly recommended for ...(see more)
  • This class will allow you to explore the dynamics of the relationships that are the most intimate and integral to your life, whether they be ...(see more)
  • Writer's Course - $20.00 + HST
    This is a course designed to develop you as a writer who can find your own topics and write for your own purposes, whether it be for business or for a creative outlet. For business owners nowadays there are many great opportunities to promote your business through blogging and on-line newsletters. As well, writing is often the tool used to produce strategic plans and apply for financing. In fact there are multiple ways you can use writing to enhance your business development and your life. But all this can become a burden if you are not a fluent, comfortable writer. Through the course we teach you a writing process that is guaranteed to help you produce your own written material and to improve the quality of your writing. The course lasts 8 weeks, and ...(see more)
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    Our Staff

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    Dave Bimm, North Star Recreation
    LI Graduate 2005

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    Yoshi Kurogi, Café Petit Gateau
    LI Graduate 2012

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    Gilbert Roy, French River Springs
    LI Graduate 2003

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    Denis Gratton, Ten Point Archery
    LI Graduate 2011

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    Sheri Tomchick
    Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions
    LI Graduate 2011

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    Sheri Tomchick
    Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions
    LI Graduate 2011