Being Your Own Boss
A management series for both the entrepreneur and the manager designed to increase their performance in the areas of strategic planning and decision-making, efficiency and productivity, as well as hiring.
Courses Offered
  • Our January Booster Shot business work day was such a success that we’re having another one – this time focussing on “Next Steps”. We often have a sense of where we want to get to in the long run – we can see the top of the mountain we want to scale – but we can’t always see the whole path clearly laid out in front of us. Sometime we have to forge ahead by just figuring out and taking the next steps. Only after doing this again and again do we emerge in a clearing where we can make out the path to travel for the rest of our journey. Whether you came to the original Booster Shot day or not, if you would like to have an opportunity to work on your business, instead ...(see more)
  • Business Basics - $200.00 + HST
    Are you engaged in direct sales or a home based business? Do you know the "rules" of business; meaning, the things you are and are NOT allowed to do? Are you aware of business practices that can help make or break your success? Do you know how to create things like a fillng system and other operations based systems? Do you know what expenses you can claim and how much money you are actually making; and more importantly, KEEPING? Do you know whether or not it would benefit you to be HST registered and if so, how to register? Most budding entrepreneurs simply don’t know how much they don’t know, nor how to find all the answers. That's why we have created Business Basics, a course to address these questions more. Taking this one day course is a great first step that can help ...(see more)
  • It is always important to the healthy growth of your business that you work ON it and not just IN it. Growing out of our Business Booster Shot day and our Next Steps day on self-coaching was a recognition that it is sometimes easier to work on your business in the company of like-minded people. Join us for a half day of working on your business. Tools to jump start you will be available, but what you work on and how you go about it will be up to you. We will have three work sessions with some sharing time after each so that we can learn from and be inspired by other people's journeys, and feel affirmed that we are on a good path ourselves. Clinic cards can be used for this event. ...(see more)
  • This 8-10 week course guides the participants in the preparation of a strategic, action-oriented business plan, typically for the launch of ...(see more)
  • Business Dialogue - $40.00 + HST
    Many business owners have confided to us that one of the greatest challenges they face is overcoming the sense of isolation that often accompanies ...(see more)
  • Many small business owners get jobs by putting in proposals, estimates and quotes. This can be a challenge because there are many considerations ...(see more)
  • This course is designed to assist both the entrepreneur and the manager in you. Often with ‘back to school’ energy in the fall, we naturally ...(see more)
  • Hiring Extra Hands - $110.00 + HST
    This two part course is designed to guide business owners through the sometimes daunting task of hiring employees or sub-contracting people to help do the work of the business. You will learn about when you can sub-contract, when you have to put people on payroll, how to do that, and what to do with family. The course will also cover effective hiring practices and alternatives, hiring subsidy programs, training, labour laws and firing. Whether you have already had people working for you, or are looking to acquire some assistance in the future, this course will benefit you by providing you with relevant information about government requirements, government assistance and expose you to a variety of best practices that will help make you a confident employer. ...(see more)
  • This course is designed to guide business owners through the sometimes daunting task of hiring employees or sub-contracting people to help do ...(see more)
  • This course is designed to guide business owners through the sometimes daunting task of hiring employees or sub-contracting people to help do ...(see more)
  • January Booster Shot - $110.00 + HST
    Is anxiety about the future making you feel down a litre? Is your enthusiasm tank near empty? Or is it pretty full, but you’re feeling isolated, as though you are the only one on the road? Perhaps you’re feeling a bit stuck, as if you're spinning your wheels? Or perhaps you need a sign that you’re going in the right direction? Come one, come all to our New Year Kick Starter! All current clients and all past alumni are welcome and invited to participate (free of charge) in an all-business-levels class that will take participants through various co-facilitated exercises and discussions to re-energize us for the new beginnings that 2016 promises. Help us help you and your fellow classmates refill your tank, regain traction, tune up the engine and get your business heading confidently down the road, ...(see more)
  • TBA ...(see more)
  • Organization Skills - $55.00 + HST
    Creating Clarity out of Chaos (a class for the manager) Harold Taylor, a time management consultant, says that all time management problems ...(see more)
  • Down times can be difficult for any business but they can be particularly challenging for a new business. The customer is not buying and business ...(see more)
  • Developed out of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto by the RISE Asset Development Corp, this small business development program gives you an opportunity to explore a business idea, build a plan, and receive a $500 grant towards your start-up upon completion. RISE small business loans are also available for graduates. Classes are 2 evenings/wk for 12 weeks. ...(see more)
  • Strategic Planning - $55.00 + HST
    Strategic Planning - "Focussing the Entrepreneur" is the course designed to assist the entrepreneur in you. The manager's job is to implement ...(see more)
  • You’ve been in business for two or more years and have achieved a level of success. You see opportunity for further growth but want to make ...(see more)
  • Systems Thinking - $55.00 + HST
    Ensuring Efficiency and Productivity (Systems Management) So you want to be franchisable? Or you want one day to be able to sell your business? ...(see more)
  • Time Management Skills - $55.00 + HST
    Time is one of our most valuable resources. Are you managing this resource as effectively as you might? Our need for time management skills ...(see more)
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